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Zinc Cambridge

Located at 22 Water Street and set to open during the summer of 2015, Zinc is a deluxe development that's unlike any other in the Boston area.

The real estate company Wood Partners oversaw Zinc's construction, and the Massachusetts architectural firm Symmes Maini & McKee Associates designed it. The property contains 392 apartments, including 91 studios, 239 living units with one bedroom, and 62 units with two bedrooms. The entire complex takes up approximately 528,000 square feet.

The average Zinc apartment is 793 square feet in area, and these units have washing machines, dryers, and kitchen islands. Their appliances, meanwhile, are stainless steel. Other prominent and desirable elements are walk-in closets, windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, quartz countertops, and tiered ceilings.

The architecture throughout is dazzling. This complex consists of three towers that are connected to one another. One is 13 stories tall; another has 14 stories, and the third has 15 stories. The exteriors of these buildings are covered in panels that are black, white, and blue for the most part. These panels gleam in the sunlight, and they routinely catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians in the area.

Also contributing to Zinc's unique appearance are its 120 balconies. Now, a building's balconies are typically lined up in neat rows. That's not the case here, though. Instead, the balconies have been arranged in seemingly haphazard patterns. As a result, the building has an eclectic sense of multidimensionality. At the same time, these balconies blend in well, and thus, they are not overly conspicuous.

Life at Zinc is just as exciting and enjoyable as the building's appearance. The property offers garage parking and a spacious fitness center that's complete with a yoga room, cardiovascular machines, TV sets, weight machines, free weights, mats, and exercise balls. There's also an entertainment center with plush couches and an outdoor terrace that measures 15,000 square feet. The terrace is richly landscaped, and it has grills, chairs, tables, televisions, and a fire pit.

In addition, Zinc has a repair shop for bicycles and 206 bike racks, all of which are covered. Further, there's an indoor lounge with a pool table, a gigantic TV, and a kitchen. Especially noteworthy, this place even has a spa for pets. Plus, the surrounding area includes Cambridge's lovely waterfront and a wide variety of shops and eateries.

The Zinc lobby deserves special attention. It's stunning to behold ― a comfortable and airy space with a grand stairway and interactive screens. The screens give people news, weather updates, sports scores, and information about the apartment. This lobby provides round-the-clock concierge service too, and it boasts a genius bar, which is a spot where residents sit on stools, chat with each other, and use their digital devices.

Zinc is an outstanding example of a transit-oriented community. Indeed, the transportation options that its residents have couldn't be more convenient. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) will soon move its Lechmere Green Line Station so that it's virtually across the street from Zinc, and an elevated subway track is also slated to open close to this property. MBTA bus stops are nearby as well. For their part, drivers should note that this development allows easy access to three major highways: Memorial Drive, Storrow Drive, and Interstate 93.

Whenever Zinc tenants find that they're in no particular hurry, they're able to take footpaths and bike paths to destinations all over Cambridge and beyond, including the Charles River Esplanade and downtown Boston. What's more, five appealing city parks, the Museum of Science, and the TD Garden are all within a short walking distance. Consequently, Zinc residents will certainly feel plugged into the wider Cambridge and Boston communities.

In short, Zinc is poised to make history in a section of Cambridge that's already historic. That is, this property provides a new way of thinking about metropolitan apartments. The development is enormous, but it's also cozy and intimate. It's striking to look at, but its overall layout is reassuring and pleasing.