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Porter Square Cambridge

Porter Square is a community that has part of its location located in Cambridge and the other half located in Somerville. The official location of Porter Square is on the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Somerville Avenue. It is conveniently positioned between Harvard and Davis Squares.

Porter Square is best known for being the home of Lesley University. A majority of this private university is located in Porter Square, with some of its classrooms located in the Boston area. Lesley University is a Fine Arts college specializing in education, fine arts, special therapies, and creative writing.

Porter Square has a long and colorful history. The square itself is named after the famed Porter Hotel that was demolished in 1909. This famous New England hotel is the birthplace to the Porterhouse cut of steak that is still enjoyed today.

Residents in this area can enjoy many different types of restaurants in the area. However, Porter Square is most famous for its Japanese restaurant selections. The Shops at Porter have an extensive choice of Japanese restaurants and is often called by locals "Japantown." Located near The Shops is the Galleria and the Porter Square Shopping Center. Each of these malls has a large variety of shops and restaurants.

For those who love history, Porter Square is home to a very unusual historical monument. The Walden Street Cattle Pass is a tunnel under the street that was used to move cattle to and from the railroad station. The tunnel has recently been restored and is a historical monument.

For art lovers, Porter Square is home to the kinetic sculpture "Gift of the Wind." It is a 46-foot aluminum and steel sculpture that was created by the artist Susumu Shingu. Hs masterpiece is considered the most notable landmark in Porter Square.

Living In Porter Square

The neighborhood of Porter Square is quite beautiful. Tree lined streets are filled with beautiful homes, many of which are apartments. Large apartment complexes with luxury apartments can also be found scattered throughout the Porter Square area.

Porter Square is conveniently located near Harvard Square and the university. It is also close to MIT. Easy access to public transportation makes this a very desirable area for those who work at or attend the universities to live. Additionally, students and staff of Lesley University love Porter Square because it is just a few minutes walking distance to the school from their homes.

With an abundance of college students in the area, it is not uncommon to see gatherings of students in the local cafes or parks. The excitement that this generates keeps Porter Square a lively place to live and work and makes it desirable to those looking for a wonderful place to live.

Porter Square will continue to be a community of contrasts. It has modern marvels and historical markers. It has quiet, tree lined streets and a busy commercial area. It is even located in two separate cities. However, these contrasts are exactly what make Porter Square the perfect place to call home.