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Inman Square Cambridge

Inman Square is a neighborhood and commercial district within Cambridge. Located north of Central Square, Inman Square is very near the Somerville border. Inman Square is a culturally diverse neighborhood that is filed with a long and colorful history.

It is believed that Inman Square is named for a famous "Gentleman of Fortune," Ralph Inman. Inman was a prominent businessman in Boston in the early 1700's and owned the land which now is known as "The Port."

Over time, Inman Square became more populace as roads were built in the area. By 1874 this area was considered an area of commerce and officially received the name Inman Square. In the early 1900's streetcar service was established here, and Inman Square began to develop into a cultural center.

Through the years Inman Square has developed into the place for cultural expression. Home to the first feminist bookstore, the famous improve group ImprovBoston, and the Zeitgeist Art Gallery. This area is known for its activism and quest for social change.

Inman Square is a beautiful area that is home to students, professors, and an assortment of professions. This diversity is what gives Inman its charm, and many people flock to this area to immerse themselves in the culture.

Housing in Inman Square is as diverse as its population. You can find turn-of-the-century homes next door to contemporary housing. You can find compact apartments and luxury complexes. Whatever you desire in housing, you can find it here.

Living In Inman Square

Inman Square neighborhood is tucked back from other areas. It is a more leisurely neighborhood and the residents like it this way. Residents still flock to the commercial areas to enjoy the restaurants and shops, but they also like to stroll around the neighborhood interacting with their neighbors. The Square itself is often filled with students who gather to enjoy the cultural events in this area.

The commercial area of Inman Square has many charming shops and buildings. Classic styles are seen in the architecture of these buildings and anyone who enters this area thinks "small town charm." Many of the establishments in this area have been here for multiple generations, but there are also many new and exciting shops and restaurants mixed in with them in the area.

Residents only have access to the bus lines in this area. The closest Red Line stop is in Harvard Square. However, with so much to explore and experience within Inman Square, most residents just prefer to walk.

Housing in the area is in high demand because of its closeness to this cultural center. Many people love the fact that Inman is much quieter than other neighborhoods and apartments and houses fill quickly when they become available. Prices are affordable regardless of home size or style, which also drives housing demand.

Any would be pleased to live in Inman Square neighborhood. This area is rich in history, culture, and modern living. It is the perfect combination of everything that makes a neighborhood great.