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Welcome to Harvard Square! This site is linked to a database where literally all of the largest real estate agencies in the Cambridge & Downtown Boston area post listings to. You can narrow the system down to Harvard Square only, or add in surrounding neighborhoods and communities as well.

Harvard Square is one of the most historic neighborhoods in America. It is home to America's oldest university, Harvard University, which was founded in 1636. This vibrant neighborhood is home to 100's of world class shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Red Line T stop offers easy access to Downtown Boston & all points of Cambridge.

Harvard Square is a historic intersection in Cambridge that was once considered the center of town. This beautiful neighborhood is a popular place for residents and students of Harvard University to gather.

Harvard Square neighborhood extends out several blocks in each direction. This area is filled with historic and new homes and many different apartments. Homes in this area are very coveted, and apartments fill quickly.

The neighborhood is always filled with foot traffic and cars. Parking in the area can be a little difficult at times, but most people do not worry about this because the Square is also centralized to the MBTA Red Line Subway and is a major bus hub.

Many people love to walk through the neighborhood because it is filled with so many unique shops and great restaurants. This area has over 90 different restaurants with cuisines from all over the globe. There are nightclubs and upscale restaurants scattered throughout the area as well as street side cafes.

There is a multi-level shopping area known as "The Garage." This mall is a true shopping experience. You will find everything from designer clothing to hardware stores in this area. Residents in this area never have to go further than the Garage for all of their needs.

Entertainment is abundant in and around Harvard Square. Many people in the area love to come and watch the different street performers. Or those who enjoy history, there are many historical spots located in the area, including some marking important events of the Revolutionary War. Nearby, residents can enjoy Cambridge Common, a large park that has a baseball field and other amenities.

Living In Harvard Square

There are many different types of homes available in the neighborhood known as Harvard Square. Large colonial style homes are mixed with contemporary homes. Victorian masterpieces are near beautiful bungalows. It is a wonderful mixture of old and new.

Homes are available for sale or for rent. For those who do not desire a single-family home, Harvard Square also has many wonderful apartments ranging from studio size to top luxury. With a location so close to Harvard University, there is also some transitional housing available.

The neighborhood is very well maintained and charming. It is not unusual to see people out in their yards, walking their dogs, or leaning over a fence to speak to their neighbors. People feel comfortable here and it shows.

Residents of the area do a lot of walking. This is done out of choice and not as a requirement. For those who want to explore outside of this area, Harvard Square has access to the bus line and the subway. Everything is "within reach" of residents in this area.

With so many benefits to this neighborhood it is understandable why living here is so desirable. Harvard Square homes for sale do not remain on the market long. Apartments fill quickly for the same reason. It is truly a wonderful place to live.