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Fresh Pond Cambridge

Fresh Pond is a fresh water reservoir located in Cambridge. Known as the Fresh Pond Reservation, this beautiful area consists of a 155 acre lake with 162 acres of beautiful park land surrounding the area. On this land is a 2.25 mile road that is very popular with joggers and a 9-hole golf course that is always open to the public.

Fresh Pond has always been an important area for Cambridge. Before it became a reservation, Fresh Pond was harvested for ice for shipment to other American and South American cities. The pure, clean water of Fresh Pond is now part of the water supply system for Cambridge.

Residential and commercial development is limited to the outskirts of this area. In an effort to preserve the purity of the water and the surrounding wetlands, the city of Cambridge is diligent in protecting the area. A wonderful park area, including nature trails and a golf course is open to the public at all times, and city officials encourage residents to enjoy the area completely.

Located on the outside of the Fresh Pond Reservation is an assisted living facility and nursing home. Recently, a new development of upscale apartments has been constructed near Fresh Pond. Called Brickworks, this upscale community is located on the previous location of the New England Brick factory.

Brickworks is an exclusive apartment community consisting of townhomes and apartments. All of the residences are a single level design and come with many outstanding amenities. Each apartment has a bay or picture window, stone countertops, and high speed Internet access.

The Brickworks complex is located on beautiful landscaping with several large trees, flowering shrubs and well-manicured lawn. Private parking is available for all residents and the location of the building is within walking distance of public transportation.

Living At Fresh Pond

Residents that live around Fresh Pond consider themselves very lucky. The Fresh Pond Reservation is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling, jogging or walking is easy on the 2.25 mile track, picnicking is perfect in many areas of the reserve, and during the winter months enthusiasts can enjoy some of the best sledding in the area.

Located very near Harvard Square and only a short distance from MIT, many residents of this area like the peaceful surroundings found here away from the hustle and bustle of university life.

There are still many restaurants and shops in the area, making it convenient for all area residents to experience different cuisines and retail therapies. Fresh Pond also has easy access to public transportation making access to other areas and Boston quite simple.

It is anticipated that there may be more development in the surrounding area of Fresh Pond in the near future. Demand for living space in this highly-coveted area is strong and it easy to understand why. Residents can enjoy all the benefits of Cambridge while still retaining a connection to nature by living near Fresh Pond. It is the perfect environment for those who want to have it all.