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East Cambridge

East Cambridge is a small community often referred to as Area 1. This is the original center of Cambridge and was first built n the early 1800's to connect this small island with the main land. East Cambridge is central to MIT and Harvard and is often combined with Kendall Square when locals are referencing the area.

East Cambridge has a commercial district that is home to many different businesses, including many tech-based companies that have come here to access students from MIT. Along this commercial district you will also find many shops, a strip mall, and several restaurants. Lechmere Square transportation hub is also here, giving residents full access to all types of public transportation.

The Fitchburg Railroad once called East Cambridge home. Constructed in 1849, this railroad station was a major hub in the New England area. Now that the rail station is closed, developers have taken over the land and are in the process of building the NorthPoint Cambridge Development.

The NorthPoint Cambridge development is one of the most innovative communities to be constructed in the area. Using sustainable products green technologies, and a very modern layout, developers are creating a community that has over 20 acres of outdoor living space for residents, bicycle trails, areas for swimming and kayaking, and other outdoor amenities.

NorthPoint will offer over 2,800 residential units that will have all the amenities that anyone could desire. The community will also have restaurant options, shopping, and a hotel. A new subway station is also being constructed and residents will have quick access to both the Green and Orange lines right from their community. This community is destined to be the center of activity in this area in the very near future because of all of its offferings.

Living In East Cambridge

Life in East Cambridge is ideal. The area is prosperous and continually in motion. Residents have access to a major transportation hub and can quickly go anywhere in the Cambridge and Boston area. Because there is so much available in terms of eateries, shops and entertainment within this area, most people chose to walk to their destinations.

East Cambridge is very friendly. There are always people around and it is not uncommon to see a gathering of people discussing the latest technologies or the weather. With East Cambridge having such a close proximity to Harvard and MIT, there are always students in the area filling the shops and cafes.

East Cambridge continues to grow and develop. Once an industrial area filled with factories and the railroad station, this area is now filled with luxury apartments and condominiums, high rise buildings filled with high-tech offices, and single family homes. Housing in this area continues to be in demand because of the prosperity of the surrounding area.

Most people that come into the East Cambridge area decide to stay for a long period of time. The friendly community mixed with the modern development gives this area a unique charm. The modern industries offer good employment opportunities, and the housing options are very desirable.