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Welcome to Central Square! This website is linked to a database where literally all of the largest real estate agencies in the Cambridge area post listings to. This system includes 100+ Cambridge apartments, many in which are located in Central Square. You can narrow the system down to Central Square only, or add in other neighborhoods and surrounding cities.

Central Square is home to many of the Boston area's greatest eateries, as well as one of the most thriving music scenes in America. The Red Line T offers easy access to all points of Downtown Boston & all of Cambridge

This website is owned and operated by Boston City Properties, one of the largest real estate agencies in the Downtown Boston area. We have listings in literally all of the luxury apartment communities in Central Square including:

• 100 Lansdowne Street
• Loft 23
• 91 Sidney Street
• Kennedy Biscuit Lofts
• 929 House

1 bedroom apartments in the luxury apartment buildings usually start around $2000 for a 1 bedroom, and $2800 for a 2 bedroom.

This system will include 100+ listings in the Victorian houses in the area as well. Sign up for free and make a list of anything you would like to see or have any questions on. E-mail us or call 617-247-1933 with any questions and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Central Square is located just south of Harvard Square and is deemed the "cultural center" of Cambridge. This area has recently been added to the National Register of Historical Districts and continues to be an innovative and booming community.

Central Square is central to Harvard and MIT, making it a very place to live, dine and shop. There are many upscale homes in the area as well as several luxury apartment complexes. Many large companies have offices in this area, especially pharmaceutical companies, video game designers and internet based companies because of the closeness to MIT.

One of the most prominent luxury apartment compounds in Central Square is the University Park Cambridge complex. Constructed on a former manufacturing company site, the designers of University Park took a vacant property that was distressed and abandoned and turned it into an ultra-modern and luxury apartment complex. The complex is as wonderful to look at from the outside as is in the interior.

Filled with various size apartments located in several different buildings, University Park has more amenities than any complex in the area. Some of these amenities include entertainment areas, event facilities, fitness area, media area, and dining.

Living In Central Square

Central Square is known for its culture. Restaurants, clubs, shops, and different theaters are scattered throughout the area and are all culturally diverse. You can see people walking around this area at any time of the day or night. Because there are so many different cultures represented in this area, residents can immerse themselves in something different nearly every day.

Central Square is located near Harvard and MIT and is accessible to Boston on the Red Line. Most people opt to take the subway system or public transport because parking can be difficult in the area. Because everything is so centralized in this area, many people walk to wherever the wish to go.

The community is very involved with keeping Central Square a desirable place to live and work. There are many different community events, including art walks, special productions at the theaters, and special events that take place with the museum at MIT. Events are common at the park and attendance is always very high.

Central Square has a long and interesting history. Home to many famous people including actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, mathematician John Nash, and filmmaker Ken Brown. Central Square is also the original home of the New England Confectionary Company, makers of NECCO wafers. NECCO has since relocated to Revere, Massachusetts and the factory has been converted into a laboratory for Norvartis Pharmaceuticals.

Central Square is a very prosperous area and many people come to this area for the good jobs and its proximity to both universities. Apartments and homes for rent in this area are very coveted and do not remain open for long. Many people who come here stay for the rest of their lives because of the community feeling, the prosperity and the overall sense of well-being they experience in this area. It is an innovative community that will continue to thrive.