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Ten Essex Central Square Cambridge

Ten Essex Central Square Cambridge

Cambridge has one of the most competitive rental markets in the country, so any new construction is quickly swooped in on by eager tenants. Locals have been awaiting the opening of Ten Essex Apartments in Central Square for some time, but their wait is nearly over. Although still under construction, the interior finishes are currently being completed, and pre-leasing has begun. Read on to learn more about this new property and for information on how to rent a place there with help from Boston City Properties.

Expect High Rents

Now that pricing information is available for Ten Essex, the development has been highlighted in the news as a prime example of the exorbitant rental prices that plague the area. Studio units in this 46-unit building will start at $2,500 per month, and three-bedroom units will start at a whopping $5,100 per month.

About Ten Essex

Located in Central Square directly adjacent to the H Mart Supermarket, Ten Essex stands six stories tall and includes 46 units; five of these are earmarked for affordable housing. Close to the Red Line Central Square stop, Ten Essex offers a total of 114,000 square feet of housing, common areas and retail space.

Building Amenities

Given the price of the rent, tenants can expect to enjoy a variety of prime building amenities, including:

Apartment Amenities

Ten Essex has a lot to offer as a building as a whole, but it especially shines in terms of the amenities that are included in its 46 luxury units. Some of the upscale features that you can expect to enjoy as a tenant of this development include:

Apartment Options

You can take your pick from four different unit sizes spanning nine different designs and configurations. These units are spread across six stories, so there are fewer than 10 per floor. Here’s what to expect:

Apply Soon to Enjoy Prime Lease Amenities

Although one wouldn’t think that a new luxury building in Central Square would need to offer incentives to attract tenants, Ten Essex is currently doing just that. With the help of Boston City Properties, you could lease a place here soon and enjoy these extras:

Why is the Rent so High?

Ten Essex is being cited as a prime example of the rent affordability problem that affects the entire region. Vacancy rates here hit their lowest point in February, but new developments like this one should help with that. Rent prices are up by nearly 3 percent over last year, and they continue to rise on a monthly basis across the area.

Many factors are contributing to the high rental rates of the area, including gentrification; the end of rent control during the mid-1990s; the huge student population; zoning impediments to new construction and the tendency of millennials to stay put in big cities well into adulthood.

Want to Rent a Place at Ten Essex? Boston City Properties can Help

If you’d like to rent a place at Ten Essex for its September 1st opening, Boston City Properties is here to help. It pays to act early in this competitive rental market, and we can help you to check current availability to find the perfect place through our convenient, searchable online database of MA real estate listings. Our team can also connect you with a local real estate professional who can take you to check out units in this building and more. For any questions, please contact Boston City Properties.