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Cambridge Land for Sale

Cambridge Land for Sale

Finding land for sale in Cambridge, MA, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you’ve searched the listings lately, you’re probably pretty discouraged right about now. However, with the right connections, finding land listings in this life science and education hub is easier than you probably think. Most land deals in the area go down without ever hitting the public listings. Boston City Properties, a Boston commercial real estate leader, can connect you with exciting land opportunities in Cambridge that you won’t otherwise find, giving you a crucial edge in your investment endeavors.

Land is Hot in Cambridge

Cambridge has been experiencing one of the hottest commercial real estate markets in its history for some time. Spurred by the area’s burgeoning life science industry, the city’s vacancy rates for office and lab space are among the lowest around. In the fourth quarter of 2020, even amid the pandemic, lab space availability and vacancy decreased to 7.6% and 1.3%, respectively. As vaccines are distributed, the office market should start recovering too. By investing in vacant land in Cambridge, its inherent development opportunities will attract many interested parties, propelling you to unparalleled investment success.

That all sounds well and good, but here’s the rub: Finding land for sale in Cambridge is extremely difficult. If you search right now, you’d be lucky to find more than one or two listings. Land deals are happening in the area – the listings just never appear publicly. Land here is so hot that it practically sells itself. Boston City Properties has access to up-to-the-second off-market land listings in Cambridge, and we can help you identify opportunities that suit your requirements. With office rents averaging $82.03 per square foot and lab rents averaging $98.07 per square foot – both NNN – there’s money to be made.

Find Land for Development Opportunities

Demand is strong across all sectors of real estate in Cambridge. The right parcel of vacant land can present a goldmine to a savvy investor. However, land deals are trickier than they seem, and it’s easy to make expensive mistakes along the way. Our team understands the intricacies of identifying and procuring land for prime development opportunities, and we can locate land listings that align with your investment goals. Whether you envision offering the land for multifamily development, a hotel, retail development or something else, our experts have you covered.

Off-Market Listings for Land in Cambridge

If you’re looking for land in Cambridge, you probably have plans in mind for it. Whether you envision building a single-family residence on a vacant parcel or investing in land, sitting on it and selling it later to developers, Boston City Properties can present you with exciting off-market opportunities that you’d otherwise never be able to access. When you sit down and tell us your goals and criteria, we use our connections to locate viable options. It’s like having a knowledgeable insider by your side every step of the way.

Contact Boston City Properties for Cambridge Land for Sale

When it comes to finding suitable land for sale in a white-hot market like Cambridge’s, it’s crucial to line up the right help and resources. Connecting with Boston City Properties is the fastest, most reliable way to locate properties that meet your criteria. Our skilled brokers and agents know about opportunities that you won’t find in the listings, so you’ll gain a significant competitive edge. We provide a complete array of resources and services for anyone needing helping with Boston real estate, so contact us today for more information!